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FAT-13052(1)   Antique Fabric Toile Wedding Scene, c. 1880
FAT-13052(2)   Antique Fabric Toile Wedding Scene, c. 1880
FAT-13052(3)   Antique Fabric Toile Wedding Scene, c. 1880
FAN-13051   Antique French Fabric Indienne
13066   Antique French Fabric Indienne Print on Steel Blue Background
13059   Antique French Fabric Pillow, Striped Roses
13062   Antique French Fabric Textile Aztec-Inspired, 1 yd.
FAB-13038   Antique French Fabric Textile, 19th c. Arboreal in Blue & Grey
FAP-13045   Antique French Fabric with Flowers, Urns in Pink, Blue on Black
FA-13080   Antique French Fabric Woven Fabric, Pale Gold Irises on Dark Teal Background.
13065   Antique French Fabric, Large Faded Peonies
13112   Antique French Nightgown (Small) 1
13113   Antique French Nightgown (Small) 2
13114   Antique French Nightgown (Small) 3
13116   Antique French Nightgown (Small) 5
13117   Antique French Nightgown (Small) 6
13118   Antique French Nightgown (Small) 7
13020   Antique French Ticking in Flax and White
13073   Antique French Toile, Blue, White & Gray
13079   Antique/Vintage French Fabric with Art Nouveau Orange and Green Flowers on a Subtly-Patterned Background
13012   Antique/Vintage Grain Sack Table Runner
13063   Art Nouveau Antique/Vintage French Fabric
FA-13083   Art Nouveau Fabric: Egyptian-influenced symbols in shades of brown
13077   Art Nouveau Peonies and Magnolias on Patterned Background
13074   Bouquets of Roses on a Brown Background
FAP-13042c   Color Sample, 2" x 4"
FAP-13042d   Design Sample, 8-1/2" x 11"
FAN-13049   Faded French Roses
FAP-13043   Faded Peonies and Ribbons on a Cream Background
LF-13022   Fine Linen Embroidered Sheet, Monogram J or I and L
LK13056   Homespun Raw Flax Table Runner, 16" x 72"
FAB-13037   Large Chateau Curtain Panel, Antique French Fabric in Blue, Grey
13106   Large Lavender Heart Sachet in Red, Cream, Violet
13108   Large Lavender Heart Sachet with Red Roses on a Black Background
13105   Lavender Pillow made with Antique French Embroidered Lace
13111   Lavender Pillow Sachet - Large, Handmade from Antique Lace
13072   Pillow with Vintage Arborial Print with Birds
LF-13040   Rare Pair of Exquisitely Embroidered Queen-Sized Sheets
13075   Roses and Ribbons in Cream on a Burgundy Background
FAP-13042   Roses, Lilies & Peonies on Bands of Brown and Pale Blue
FR-13036   Rustic Linen Flax Homespun Fabric Bag
00000   trial eBay
13069   Vintage French Brown & White Striped Ticking Fabric Textile
13067   Vintage French Fabric Textile Toile Black on Cream
FM-13016   Vintage French Gray & White Ticking Fabric
13088   Vintage French Ticking in Blue and White, Roses
13081   Vintage French Ticking in Flax and Off-White Stripes
13053   Vintage French Toile Fabric Turquoise on Cream
13076   Vintage Lightweight Fabric, Pink and Purple Leaves on Brown

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